Mirror’s Edge now available for ALL Windows Phone users

Way back in July Mirror’s Edge came out for Nokia Lumia phones and it was reported that they would get the game exclusively for 60 days. Well, it’s been a lot longer than 60 days, but Mirror’s Edge is finally available for all Windows Phone devices. The game is a parkour action platforming adventure that is Xbox LIVE enabled for some sweet achievements. The game features Faith from the original game, though instead of first person the game takes place in third person. You must guide Faith through 14 action packed levels.

We’re glad to finally see some of these Nokia exclusives come to the rest of us. We certainly appreciate Nokia getting these exclusive games, but it does the platform no good if they only stay on Nokia phones. Now if they could start working on the likes of Instagram and Vine we would really appreciate it. The game is a decent one and can be had for $2.99, but you’ll probably need to download it over WiFi as the game weighs in at a hefty 131MB. Grab it below.

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