Microsoft asks you to dump Google for Bing this Valentines Day

Microsoft desperately needs Google to cooperate with them. They need them so much that they were able to get a 6 month extension on Exchange ActiveSync support. You’d think that Microsoft would lay off the Google bashing a little bit to say thanks. Apparently nobody told the Bing team.

The Bing team has kicked off a Valentines Day themed campaign against Google Search. Like they’ve done in the past the goal of the campaign is to show people how untrustworthy Google can be. This year they are doing it by showing the results of survey that asks “what do you consider the most important quality in a partner?” As you can see the number one response was trustworthiness.

Microsoft claims that “Bing treats you right.” 1 in 10 people say they have broke up with someone on Valentines Day. Microsoft wants you to do the same this year with Google. Need more reasons? Check out these provided by Microsoft:

  • Not all is fair in love and search. Whether you’re searching for a cuddly teddy bear or a diamond bracelet for your sweetheart, Google Shopping displays ads only from merchants that pay for ranking. Bing offers honest results so you get the best deals from across the Web.
  • Bing takes the initiative. Bing’s Snapshot feature includes one-click access for booking reservations or buying tickets so you have more time for doing and spend less time searching.
  • Bing keeps you and your friends connected. Skip search engines that keep you locked in their system and isolated from your friends. Bing brings all your friends from Facebook into its social search and leverages experts and enthusiasts from Twitter. Just last month there were new updates to the social sidebar, which mean even more available content from your Facebook friends right within your search. Looking for a fun, new restaurant for a night out with your single friends? A quick search on Bing will show you not only great Web results but also which friends have liked those search results and posted status updates, comments, photos and more about them, so you can easily find out if they are right for you.
  • Bing won’t spoil your sweetheart’s surprise. Just one click on “History Off” allows you to search in peace while you’re looking for gift ideas and more. Bing gives you the same trust you give it.
  • Bing showers you with tokens of affection. Just for searching, Bing Rewards lets you earn Amazon and Starbucks gift cards, free Xbox LIVE and Hulu Plus subscriptions, and even donations to charities. How can you say no to that?

[via Microsoft]

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Search on bing: No half decent answers.
    Search on google: Always an answer.

  • YMMV?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    HAHA! Pfft!