T-Mobile confirms the Lumia 710 will not receive Windows Phone 7.8

T-Mobile has just killed the Lumia 710. Earlier this week rumors started popping up that suggested T-Mobile had no intention to update the Nokia Lumia 710 to Windows Phone 7.8. This was discovered in an email to a Lumia 710 user, but it was not an official statement. T-Mobile has since left the following statement that officially confirms the fate of the Lumia 710.

At this time, the Nokia Lumia 710 will not receive the software update. T-Mobile is committed to enhancing customers’ experience with our devices, including providing upgrades to the latest operating systems, and T-Mobile aims to deliver software upgrades when it will provide a better experience for our customers. We’ll share additional information on upgrades for the Nokia Lumia 710 when they are available.

And that’s that. The Lumia 710 will forever be stuck on Windows Phone 7.5. The thing that really irks me is how T-Mobile can say they are “committed to enhancing customers’ experience with our devices” in the same statement as “the Nokia Lumia 710 will not receive the software update.” This is nothing but PR-speak. T-Mobile doesn’t care about customers’ experiences unless those customers own a device that is making them money.

You can stick it to T-Mobile and force Windows Phone 7.8 on your Lumia 710 by following these instructions.

[via TmoNews]

  • How much money and effort does it cost to trigger an over-the-air update push to maybe several hundred thousand mobile devices? I don’t understand. The carrier didn’t make the phone OR the software OR the update. All they have to do is poke the phones with a signal or something, right?

    I wouldn’t care less though, if I did own a T-mobile 710, since I can just update manually anyway.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Just got 7.8 on my titan. it is not THAT much of an improvement, just so you lumia 710 users know. BTW: Does anyone know how to get that htc clock as a tile? I see the HTC 8X and 8S with a special clock tile and I cannot seem to find it on my titan. Is it on the 7.8 update or not? I appreciate all answers :).

  • It’s an HTC-exclusive application that displays that big clock.
    What, HTC can have exclusive apps, too! lol

  • Andrew

    Has anyone had any success with forcing the update? According to the WPcentral post about doing it, the carrier would need to have the build ready. So since T-Mobile isn’t doing the update, wouldn’t it not work?

  • Roak

    I have tried the Zune trick several times but have had no success. I am with T-Mobile in the US. :( I am torn between being patient to see if anything should change with T-Mobile for Lumia 710 users or if I should just manually update. Any suggestions?