Vodafone UK ready to unleash their Windows Phone “army”

Tomorrow, February 6th, Vodafone will begin to sell its lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices. The devices on offer range from the top-of-the-line Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X, to the midrange Lumia 820, to the budget-minded HTC 8S and Lumia 620. Pricing has not been announced.

Though the Samsung ATIV S, a Galaxy S3 lookalike with a removable back and larger screen and battery than the other top-end phones, is not mentioned in the source article, the UK has had access to the device for several weeks so far, though not through Vodafone.

The only other offense in Vodafone’s selection is the lack of a wide range of color choices. Though the yellow Lumia 920 will be on offer, the only other choice is black, for example. The HTC 8S only comes in the blue-on-black color scheme as well. Hopefully, Vodafone users will see more color choices, and maybe even the ATIV S, available for purchase in the near future.

[via WMPowerUser]

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