Windows Phone 8 is already more used than Windows Phone 7

Well that was quick. Just 90 days after Windows Phone 8 became available it has surpassed Windows Phone 7 usage in the US. The two year head start by WP7 was not enough to slow down WP8. This information comes from AdDuplex. They report that WP8 accounts for 50.1% of Windows Phones in the US. This could be because WP7 usage was just that bad, or because WP8 adoption has been that good.

Previous sales numbers indicate that the latter is the case, but dreadful Windows Phone 7 sales have definitely helped. This is a good sign that while Windows Phone 8 is no where near Android and iOS it is still better than previous versions. This should help make developers spend more time on WP8 and help the platform grow instead of wasting time on WP7 (sorry WP7 users). The next goal for Windows Phone will be keeping Blackberry at bay. If their Super Bowl was any indication they are poised to make a big comeback. Microsoft and Windows Phone need to secure the third spot.

[via WPCentral]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    After the Windows Phone 8 announcement, people started getting more choices when it comes to devices. Plus, that time with Windows Phone 7 served as a stepping stone. Even though the upgrade was not HUGE, people are probably like “oh, did you hear about the new Windows Phone 8?”.

    A lot of people that were probably thinking of switching did. Not to mention, better devices started hitting more carriers. It’s a good time for Windows Phone and I think it will only get better.

  • JSYOUNG571

    I think a lot of Windows Phone 7.5 owners left Windows Phone and went over to Android and iPhone after being crapped on by Microsoft. The release of the cosmetic 7.8 update months and months later was a major disappointment for a lot of Windows Phone 7.5 owners who were expecting more for being beta testers and waiting for months after the Windows Phone 8 release. Well, that is for the one’s that were even lucky to get it. If Microsoft isn’t worried about losing their third place crown to Blackberry, they should be. I just know that if and when it happens, Microsoft will only have themselves to blame.

  • That’s cool! The growing of the platform being wp8 or wp7.8 helps all customers and the improvements of the OS. :)