Microsoft Surface Pro reviews hit the web, what’s the verdict?

Last night the embargo lifted for Microsoft Surface Pro reviews. The results have been a mixed bag of awesome and disappointing  The build quality of the device is still praised for being top notch, but battery life has been a big issue for some people. On the software side Windows 8 Pro is much better than Windows RT. The main issue that people have been having is the same thing we saw with Surface RT. It’s hard to tell what this device is actually for. In order to use it like a laptop you need a flat surface to lay it on, and it’s impossible to hold with one hand like a tablet. This restricts what you can actually do with the device. Check out the reviews below to see what people think.

Engadget: Microsoft’s Surface with Windows 8 Pro is the best tablet running Windows 8 we’ve yet seen, but still feels like a compromise when used as a tablet or laptop.

The Verge: Even a well-executed Surface still doesn’t work for me, and I’d bet it doesn’t work for most other people either. It’s really tough to use on anything but a desk, and the wide, 16:9 aspect ratio pretty severely limits its usefulness as a tablet anyway.

BGR: The Surface Pro is not good fit for everyone, but those who do purchase Microsoft’s new tablet for work or for personal use — whether they number in the thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions — will not be disappointed.

TechCrunch: This is not a laptop that looks weird being sold at a premium. Instead it is a hybrid device that works surprisingly well as both a laptop and a tablet.

Are any of you planning to buy a Surface Pro?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    That’s me in your contacts!

  • Haha it is!

  • If it literally is too heavy to hold with one hand and operate with the other, then IMO, it just isn’t a tablet, but a laptop instead. If it is a laptop, then the price is pretty sky-high for the smallish storage, i5 vs i7 processor, and battery life. I honestly think regular Surface running RT is the better device, since the goal is clearly more focused on portability and energy-efficiency. If the RT apps keep truckin’ through the pipeline, Surface RT will probably do better than Surface Pro.
    I wonder if any full Windows tablets will come along for much cheaper, or even the same price, with competitive specs, primarily the better battery life and weight as I mentioned. I would buy something like that in a heartbeat, but I don’t think I’d save up for a Surface Pro if I were looking for a tablet or a laptop.

  • No, it is not literally too heavy to hold in one hand. It weighs two pounds.