Nokia Lumia 920 will be on pre-sale in Brazil after Carnival

Nokia has recently announced that their flagship Lumia 920 model will be available for preorder in Brazil sometime after Carnival. It will be the first Windows Phone 8 device to be sold in the country. It will also only be available in black. The price will be a whopping 2000BRL, or just over $1000 USD, off-contract. Also, some of the first customers to buy the 920 will receive a free DC-16 device, a portable USB-connected backup battery.

While it is good to see Windows Phone 8 expand into more markets, this decision might not be the best. 2000BRL is an inarguably large amount of cash to fork over for a phone. It is likely that the WP8 OS will not flourish in Brazil if only high-end, expensive devices are offered. Hopefully, Brazil will get the chance to buy budget-minded models, like the Lumia 620 or HTC Windows Phone 8S, and the OS’ popularity will expand there.

[via TelecomPaper]

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