A look at some Windows Phone 8 camera apps [Video]

Windows Phone 8 introduced a featured called lenses. With this feature apps can use the camera to do some pretty cool things. They are also easily accessible directly from the main camera. More and more apps take advantage of this every day (we”re still waiting on the big insta-one). They do everything from add filters, make gifs, translate text, and put silly sunglasses on your friends. Lens apps are really cool and fun, so I wanted to show off what some of them can do. In the video above you can see Cinemagraph, Smart Shoot, Panorama, Blink, Lazy Lens, and Pictures Lab.

There are many good lens apps to choose from, but these are my favorites. The first three are unfortunately only for Nokia Lumia phones. Watching this video may make you want to buy a Lumia so you can use them. Microsoft has really gone after photography buffs in this latest generation of devices. Lenses are very powerful, especially when paired with something like the Lumia 920. Do you use many lens apps? Check out the video and tell us what you use!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Some pretty nice apps! Kinda sucks most of them are Lumia-exclusive.

  • Paul

    And why does it suck if you have a nokia , I have a 920 and it is by far the best phone I ever used and I had most of them