How often do you see Windows Phone devices in the wild?

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how Windows Phone is growing and doing better since Windows Phone 8 was released. Earlier this week it was discovered that Windows Phone 8 devices are already more used than Windows Phone 7 devices in the US. Numbers and stats are good, but what about real life. Almost everywhere you go you can pretty much guarantee you’ll see an iPhone and Android or two, but what about Windows Phone? Are you seeing people use Windows Phone in public more?

Personally, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen someone using a Windows Phone in public. At trade shows I see Windows Phone devices, but that is mainly tech heads, and not representative of the general population. I’d love to just once see someone using a Windows Phone at a restaurant or sporting event. Anyone out there have better luck then me? Do you geek out with them when you see their phone?

What devices do you see most often? Newer devices or old devices?

  • I am on PSU main campus and it is me with a Blue 900 and a bunch of Asians with yellow 920s.

  • that sounds really bad dont take offense to that.. but i have seen about 5 yellow 920s so far.

  • lol

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I have never seen a general consumer use one. I know of one guy who is obsessed with Windows Phone and know he has a Lumia 920, but I have never seen him use it in person. lol. The times I have seen him he doesn’t pull it out.

  • Bob O’Daniel

    I know one guy here in the office that has a Lumia 920. Otherwise, I have a few friends out of state that I’ve seen use their Lumia 920s when I’m visiting. I saw a cafeteria lady here at work with a 920 a few weeks ago.

  • Last semester at school I saw a hot girl sporting an HTC Titan 2 :3

  • Steve

    I have 3 friends with Windows phones, one with a lumia 710, two with a lumia 800 and I saw a man in a friend’s house with a black lumia 610.
    And obviously I have a WP too so I have seen 5 WP around xP

  • dastopher

    I have one, I have two friends with them, and I’ve seen a few in the wild.

    Not as many as iPhones or Androids, but they’re out there.

  • AS147

    I live in Melbourne so it is a relatively low populated town (a few million) and the number of people I see in town and on the train us also consequently a small subset of that. I have seen about 8 unique users (not geeks) mostly with Lumia phones (as they are more distinguishable). Out of this I have seen two yellow 920’s and a couple of white ones.
    Australia is dominated by iPhones (Androud is a long way behind) so in short NOT ENOUGH Windows phones but 4 months ago I never saw more than 1.

  • I think I knew one person who had an old Samsung WP7 thing. Samsung is just a hunch, though. He said he hated it. Ohwell. Other than that, nothing.

  • Fredney

    Never! I support the mobile devices for a medium sized company (450ish handsets) and as each comes up fro renewal, *everyone* wants an iPhone. The vast majority we give out are Android based, but the reliability (HTCs mainly) is relatively poor and the 3 windows devices out there are slow and the user’s are desperate to get rid.

  • August

    On my commute to London I must see 60% iPhone/iPad, 30% Android, 10% BB – never seen a windows phone

  • camelsnot

    never. I usually see dbags in skinny jeans posting pictures of their overpriced coffee to instagram with their iJunk.

  • camelsnot

    were they cute azns like the ones you see holding Samsung or LG products?

  • JSYOUNG571

    Out of 150 people at my job, I am the only one that has a HTC Titan Windows Phone 7.5 as my back up if I feel like using it for business. My co-workers use iPhone and Android. We have a couple that are just die hard Blackberry fans. Majority of the time, I carry my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I enjoy being able to get the latest apps. I also enjoy being able to get my OS updates by just clicking update, which is something I have never ever gotten on my HTC Titan Windows Phone 7.5. that is still stuck on OS 7720 as of today.

  • Windows Phone 8 devices can update like that. Don’t use outdated phones and complain about not having modern features. They are available.

  • JSYOUNG571

    @twitter-27906087:disqus first of all you need to re-read what I wrote. These are security updates and OS updates that were made for our phones from the beginning. It has nothing to do with having a Windows Phone 8. I don’t consider my phone outdated since majority of the features on Windows Phone 8 are barely working or just plan suck. Xbox Music, XBox Games, Skype integration and most importantly, missing apps. A lot of the comments that I am reading has people asking why Windows Phone 8 even assist since it has the same problems as Windows Phone 7.5. Now wonder why no one wants a Windows Phone in my office where I work at. I am hoping Microsoft does not have the same attitude you just presented on here to it’s customers who were responsible for Windows Phone 8 in the first place. If so, they will make Windows Phone continue to stay in last place and maybe even kill it.

  • Breakingillusions

    on windows phone 7 i haven’t seen anyone on windows phone 8 i start to see more people using it

  • MK

    In Seattle, I see them everywhere. Probably many are Microsofties or Gates Foundation people, but plenty aren’t. I have one, as does my assistant at work, and one of the receptionists. None of us are in tech at all.

  • i believe i saw 3 people with WP 7.5 devices……most people in India have switched to Android now……and most people tell me to drop WP and go for Android…..WHICH I WILL NEVER DO!!!! I love my 920 and the only thing I could wish for is prepaid carrier billing support in the Windows Store…..I don’t own a card and it’s frustating…..

  • no sadly.

  • lawrence mcatee

    I see the 8x a lot but that’s because all the ones I have sold are the highliter yellow or crazy purple one lol They stand out like a sore thumb and that’s their marketing plan.

  • Nikhil

    While I was browsing free music collection on my 920 i saw one person in another bus using a windows phone. At same time one person in my bus was also using a windows phone. At just next stop i saw a girl listening to music using windows phone in auto.. that all in three minutes and i was like, really so many people using winphones.?

  • Nick

    I had a choice to leave my 4S for the 5 but decided to take the plunge and get my 920. So far I love it. When I’m on the train or at work I see 9 out of 10 people have android or iOS but I love being the black sheep pulling out my glossy white 920 with the black screen I’ve had people glare a bit to see what phone I have and one person who asked what phone it was. But I have yet to see someone else with a Nokia or HTC W8. Sad but true. Where are all of you?. And last APP companies need to stop crapping on us W8 users. I hate to say it someone like myself coming from iOS our W8 apps need improvements. We have these awesome phones like the 920 with better resolution that the iPhone 5 and apps like groupon for example look like crap. I’m not going back to iOS I love windows but if we W8 fans can’t get what we want its going to be a failure. STOP CRAPPING ON US!!!!!!!

  • I use a Lumia 920, bright yellow and love it. I’ve met a couple other people with them but haven’t ever come across the 8x. I have an HTC One XL that I keep at home as a WiFi device because browsing with ie sucks. I love everything about my Lumia besides that though. I’m just looking forward to more developers getting on board.

  • AS147

    Just moved to a beautiful yellow Lumia 920 and one of my colleagues at work has the 8x (each to their own but at least they have choice unlike Apple).

  • I’ve seen about 2 others using a lumia 800, 900, and 920. They upgraded or something. But my entire family, probably because of me have all switched to windows phones.

  • thehappening

    I’ve actually seen quite a lot. I live in Perth, Western Australia. Many people I know or have just seen are sporting a Windows Phone, be it 7 or 8

  • I occasionally hear that new message jingle (the on you get with push notifications, such as in whatsapp) in the library at campus. I have seen Windows Phones dotted around sporadically, but not much more than that (this might be due to Nokia releasing “budget” devices) – South Africa

  • Baller Extraordinaire

    As a college student in upstate NY, I personally only know 2 consumers.

  • Matt

    One of my good friends has a Lumia 920, and another has a Lumia 610, and another two people have 820s. I’ve seen quite a few just in the wild, on the bus etc. Two of my teachers have Windows Phone, one a Lumia 610 and the other one I’m not quite sure of. I dunno, maybe Perth has a lot of Windows Phones :)