Rowi updates app for Windows Phone 7 & 8, includes tile color option

Rowi is one of the most popular Twitter apps for Windows Phone. One reason why is because it gets constant support and updates. Today they have updates for all versions of their app, which is sure to make everyone happy. Especially if you like colors and tile sizes.

For Windows Phone 7.8 users they have added the small and wide tile sizes. For Windows Phone 8 and previous versions you can now choose your accent color for the Rowi tile. Previously if you pinned Rowi to the Start screen it would be a black tile, which looks a little out of place if you use the dark theme. Now you can have the tile be your accent color. This is something I’ve personally wanted in Rowi for a while, so I’m happy to see it. That’s pretty much it for the updates. Rowi is available for $1.49 and in a free lite version.

What Twitter app do you use?

  • I went with Mehdoh a while back and stuck with it. I’m no hardcore Twitterer(?), so I just need a way to post and see things. Bought it and stuck with it.
    I wish the People Hub had some more functionality, but for a feed, it’s fine, and I’m only reading updates most of the time.