A prayer answered: PDF Reader updated

Possibly one of the worst failures among WP8 applications has been Microsoft’s own PDF reader. The program lacked features as simple as deleting the PDFs downloaded to the device through the web and other applications, or sharing PDFs. Some others have complained of not being able to view read-only or password-protected files. Well, according to the changelog you see above, each of these problems have, finally, been fixed. Though I can’t report on locked or read-only files working, as I have none to test with, I have been able to delete individual files or the entire library easily.

Though this is great news for the originally horrible app, it still doesn’t explain why these very simple abilities weren’t part of the original application. This is Microsoft’s own application. WP8 users should not have had to put up with the frustration of the program pre-update. There are also some remaining requests to be evaluated and fulfilled, such as text reflow or organization with folders for those with lots of PDF files to manage. At least this single update shows that, one way or another, WP8 users are getting at least some proper support from Microsoft’s application developers.

  • Nick

    THE PDF APP NEEDS AIR PRINT!!!!!!!!! AIR PRINT !!!!!!!! I love you W8 but keep up with the Joneses.