Do you use a case on your phone?

To cover or not to cover? That is the question.

If you’re like me you treat a new smartphone like it’s your child. You take extra care to make sure that nothing happens to your shiny new phone. But how far do you go to make sure no harm comes to your phone? Is it worth covering up your beautiful new phone in a case to make sure it’s protected? That’s the question we bring to you today.

With iPhone users cases are almost a necessity. Not only is an iPhone more fragile than most phones, but so many people have iPhones that a case can make yours stand out from the crowd. Here in Windows Phone land we don’t have that problem. Yesterday I asked how often do you see Windows Phone devices in the wild, and most of you said not very often. Plus a lot of Windows Phones are brightly colored and eye catching. Do you want to cover it with a case?

Do you use your phone naked or with protection?

  • CX1


  • I haven’t found a case that I genuinely enjoy. The Speck was good in the hand but bad everywhere else, and the HHI felt too hard, especially with the buttons. Right now, I’m not using anything.

  • Bob O’Daniel

    Naked. I like the look of my 920 (even if it is white), and I haven’t, to this day, had a serious injury with a phone that wasn’t covered by the manufacture’s warranty.

  • just

    No case for me!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I only use it for the first few months. It gets tiring after I get over the paranoid stage. lol

  • I have been waiting for me and my wifes official nokia case to ship for almost two weeks. But yes, will gladly use one once they are here.

  • Breakingillusions

    no i don’t but if i find something special i would buy it and use it

  • I used one for a couple months but found I like the phone better without it. With the Lumia 920, it’s less of an issue than say.. a Nexus 4.