Spotify for Windows Phone 8 could be coming today [Now available]

Spotify has a Windows Phone app, but you wouldn’t know it by searching the Store. They hid their WP7 app from the Store until they could get a Windows Phone 8 version. We’ve been patiently waiting for a while now for that day to come, and it looks like that day could be today. A Three UK employee has said on Twitter that Spotify has been submitted for approval today. He says he has it on good authority that it will go live soon. We’re not sure where he is getting this information, but it seems odd to lie about something like this.

Store approval has been really fast lately. Some developers have reported being approved in just two hours. That’s compared to as long as a week in the past. If these quick turnaround times work in Spotify’s favor we will be writing about the app arriving in the Store later today. For now we’ll just have to keep on waiting.

Do you use Spotify, or any streaming music service?

UPDATE: The app is now live in the Store. It is still listed as beta, and from what we can tell it’s pretty much the same as it was on Windows Phone 7. Here is a direct link to download the app, as it’s just starting to pop up in the store.

[via WMPU]

  • Installed it. Proceeding to mock haters with it. :)

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Nice! I don’t use it anymore, though. Realized I was paying the subscription just to keep listening to the same songs over and over. So now I just buy them and put them in my Google Music.