Highlights from Bill Gates’ Reddit AMA

Earlier today Bill Gates did an “Ask Me Anything” over on Reddit. If you’re unfamiliar with an “AMA” it’s when people in interesting positions answer questions from the Reddit community. Many, many famous people have done AMAs over the years, including President Obama, but today a celebrity in our own minds was fielding questions. Founder and former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, took questions today and provided many interesting answers. Here are a few of our favorites.

Q: What emerging technology today do you think will cause another big stir for the average consumer in the same way that the home computer did years ago?

A: Robots, pervasive screens, speech interaction will all change the way we look at “computers”. Once seeing, hearing, and reading (including handwriting) work very well you will interact in new ways..

Q: Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Be honest Bill.

A: Higher is better.

Q: What type of computer are you using right now?

A: I just got my Surface Pro a week ago and it is very nice.

I am using a Perceptive Pixel display right now – huge Windows 8 touch whiteboard. These will come down in price over time and be pervasive… (shown above)

Q: What one Microsoft program or product that was never fully developed or released do you wish had made it to market?

A: We had a rich database as the client/cloud store that was part of a Windows release that was before its time. This is an idea that will remerge since your cloud store will be rich with schema rather than just a bunch of files and the client will be a partial replica of it with rich schema understanding.

Q: What do you do for fun? I find it hard to fathom how someone like you can just disconnect. Disconnect from the emails, calls ,the media. All of it. What would be your definition of a chill and fun day?

A: I love playing tennis. I am an avid bridge player (a card game if you have not heard of it – it was more popular in the past!). I like to tour interesting things with my kids like power plants, garbage dumps, the Large Hadron Collider, Antarctica, missile Silos (Arizona),… I read a lot and watch courses (online or the Learning Company)..

Here is a video Bill made for the AMA where he answers three common questions (in animated form):

Check out the full thread here to see all of Bill’s great responses.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Really? Higher is better? PFFT!