Lines form around the US for Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro has only been on sale for a couple day, but we’re already hearing that it is selling out at many locations. Without official sales numbers it’s hard to know if this is because of demand or lack of supply. One thing that could suggest the demand is high is the lines several people have reported from Microsoft Stores.

Over the weekend several photos of people waiting in line for Surface Pro, uhm, surfaced on Twitter and other social sites. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was surprised to see these lines. I just don’t know where regular people are hearing about Surface Pro launching. It’s not like when a new Apple product is announced and every news organization on the face of the Earth reports on it. Could Microsoft be paying people to stand in line? We’ll leave that question for the conspiracy theorists. Check out the gallery of people standing in line below.

[via Neowin]

  • Why are all the umbrellas the same color? Seems suspicious to me.

  • yeah… did the store provide umbrellas for people in line? Or is it more of a planned photo-op to build hype around Surface Pro?