Microsoft Surface Pro commercial airs, fails to show how it’s different

Microsoft Surface Pro official went on sale this weekend, which means the marketing campaign has begun. Last night during the Grammy’s we got our first glimpse of the Surface Pro advertising in a new commercial. The commercial features the same flash mob dancing, the same music, and the same actor we saw in the original Surface RT commercial with slight variations. Therein lies the problem.

It’s a good commercial, don’t me wrong, but it’s not the commercial Surface Pro needs. To an average consumer this commercial shows nothing to suggest that it is different than Surface RT. The stylus just looks like a new accessory, and the applications shown don’t look like full desktop apps. They failed to demonstrate why this version of Surface is different than the one that people have heard “can’t run real Windows apps.” Simply changing the setting of the commercial to an office does not amply show that this tablet is for doing work.

What do you think? Is this still a good commercial? Did Microsoft fail to show off the differences?

  • I think that commercial would have been perfect for the Super Bowl. I haven’t seen ANY ads in awhile now.
    What is Microsoft waiting for… They must have a strategy. They can’t be so truly stupid as to not properly advertise…

  • Avatar Roku

    Surface has received a lot of advertising in the US. From graffiti billboards to pre launch teaser videos with over 5M views to a gigantic store and billboard in Times Square and at least 4 different TV commercials (2 from a Hollywood director) debuting during major TV events like the Grammys. The ads are aimed at young people and channels like CW, MTV, and programs like Glee. If you haven’t seen the ads you aren’t in the target demo.

  • I’m not saying I haven’t seen billboards or TV adverts, but I haven’t seen it on TV since November/December and the last billboard I saw it on was 9 hours away in Dallas, TX.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    You are right, it doesn’t demonstrate much about the product’s functionality or difference to the RT, but I have to say the awesomeness kinda makes up for it. lol

  • Jester

    100% right! It’s truly uninspiring. They ought to fire the idiot that came up with that commercial…

  • As a Computer Engineer myself, this commercial simply makes me sick! in other words, why should I use their products???