HTC teases a white Windows Phone 8X on Twitter

The HTC 8X is available in four fun colors: black, blue, red, and yellow, but one popular phone color is missing: white. HTC is no stranger to making phones in white, but the never did it with the 8X. On Twitter HTC posted an image that shows someone using a glorious white 8X. The context of the photo is completely unrelated to the color, but we still noticed.

There are a couple explanations for the photo. One could be that HTC was testing out a white model and this is an old photo. The matte finish on the 8X would be a huge dirt magnet (something HTC knows about with the One X), so it’s possible they scratched it after testing. Another possibility is that HTC is indeed bringing a white 8X to market, and this was a calculated “tease.” We certainly took the bait. A white 8X would be an excellent addition to the existing colors. Would you want one?

[via Neowin]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I don’t think white is a good color for the 8X. Plus, it’s a soft-touch, rubbery back. Won’t it get really filthy with a bit of use?