HTC says the white HTC 8X is the J Butterfly, we don’t believe them

Yesterday we wrote about a white HTC 8X making an appearance on HTC’s official Twitter page. It was used in an image with a totally unrelated message, but the phone caught our eyes. Is it an unreleased test phone? Is it something planned for the future? What’s the deal? According to HTC it’s not an 8X at all, it is actually the J Butterfly…or so they say. We’re not so sure.

A Windows Phone user posted on HTC’s Facebook fan page about the supposed white 8X saying “Last week I asked for this and then bought a black one…” HTC replied “Hey, Stephen. That’s the J Butterfly that was released in Japan. Not a 8X.”

Really HTC? Because it looks exactly like the 8X. Let’s take a look at the photo above. The blue phone is the 8X, the red is the Butterfly. The camera placement and LED flash line up for both phones, but the dead giveaway is the HTC logo. On the Butterfly the HTC logo is much smaller, and it’s directly below the camera. On the 8X, and the phone in his hand, the logo is bigger and in the middle of the back. Another giveaway is the headphone jack placement. One this is clear: the phone in the picture is absolutely a 8X. Is this a case of an ill HTC employee, or are they hiding something?

[via WMPU]

  • Dalavara

    I think you’re wrong but HTC is wrong too. The white phone isn’t the J Butterfly from Japan but could be the one from Taiwan where it is a little different and exactly the one we see on the pic with the big HTC logo.

    Another important point is the headphone jack placement. On the 8X, it’s not aligned with the LED but a bit on the right whereas on the white device it’s perfectly aligned.

    Third point : the white device seems to be a bit larger than the 8X and the curves don’t seem the same.

    My opinion is that this is not the J Butterly nor the 8X but another device which can be a larger windows phone handset because we already know that the M7 is gonna be the J Butterfly worldwide.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I mean, both the Butterfly and the 8X look pretty much almost the same. Like Dalavara said, this could just be another variant of the Butterfly.

  • James Ng

    You guys are so wrong. The blue phone is the 8x with its sharper corners. The white phone is the Butterfly J, with softer more rounder corners. I have seen both phones in person as I travel to Asia a lot and have seen both phones in person.

  • I think it would be safe to stick with the idea that this is no 8X, but otherwise, it’s just a little too hard to tell.
    At one point, I was considering getting an Android phone, and I had settled on the LG Optimus G. There are many variants of this device internationally it turns out, and even Sprint had a different version (hardware inside AND out) than AT&T. The Sprint and international versions flash a 13MP camera versus the 8MP on the AT&T version.
    Just an example.