Tweet It! gets updated to Windows Phone 8 and drops in price to celebrate

The last time we mentioned Tweet It! was way back in May for our Twitter Apps Showdown. Since then it has gone through many changes, and now it is ready for Windows Phone 8. With the WP8 update comes all the new features you would expect, plus some unique ones that make Tweet It! special. Of course you now get tile and toast notifications, new tile sizes, fast resume, and lockscreen notifications. Those are all standard features for a Twitter app by now.

Some of the unique features for Tweet It! include Bed Mode (orientation lock), Street Mode (clear background for reading and walking), one click Tweet what you’re listening to, gestures, adjustable font size, and spellchecking. Soon the app will also have Vine support and location based notifications as well. Normally Tweet It! is $2.99, and with all these features we can see why, but for a limited time it is only $.99. If you’re looking for a powerful and feature rich Twitter app this is a great deal.

[via WPCentral

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