iFixit tears apart Microsoft Surface Pro, live tiles found inside

It’s almost a rite of passage for any new tech gadget to be torn apart by the guys at iFixit. Microsoft Surface Pro is the latest to be disassembled in the name of learning how to fix your device. Unfortunately Surface Pro is not very easy to fix on your own. After removing more than 90 screws to get the device apart iFixit rates Surface Pro 1 out 10 for repairability.

If you do happen to get the device open the only thing you will be able to replace is the battery. Surprisingly it is removable, but just about everything else is not. The SSD especially can kill your Surface if you attempt to remove it since there are many cables nearby. Like many new devices the Surface Pro has been constructed as thin and compact as possible. To do this requires many trade-offs in the name of tinkering. Don’t expect to open this tablet up and upgrade the memory or processor like you would on a computer. Check out the link below for all the gory photos of the teardown.


Thanks Talton!

  • Daaaang. Even with 5600mAh the batteries are sucked dry in 5 hours.

    I wonder what it would be like to keep a desktop PC running on batteries for a few hours…