Paper Shuffle lockscreen app for Windows Phone 8 is free for a limited time

One thing that live apps on the lockscreen are perfect for is changing the wallpaper. Many apps have already come out with this feature, including our favorite Reddit app Baconit. Another app that has been doing this is called Paper Shuffle. We’ve mentioned it in the past, but now there is a new reason to give it a look. It’s free!

Paper Shuffle is dead simple. All you do is choose a few photos saved on your phone, select the frequency for rotating the images, and you’re done. The app will do the rest. It can change your lockscreen image every hour, day, every other day, or every week. The full version of the app used to be $.99, but now it is free for a limited time. They don’t say when the sale will end, so act quickly.

Also, on Twitter the developer has teased a new feature that will be coming soon. From what we can tell from the photo it looks like they will be adding weather information to the lockscreen (unless we are missing something else). Grab the app while it’s free to get this new feature!


  • Who needs 700k apps when everything in the WP Store is FREE!