Are you having trouble with live tiles in Windows Phone 7.8?

Last month Windows Phone 7.8 finally started rolling out for a few older devices. The main feature that it includes is the new Start screen experience. That includes the double wide and small live tiles for displaying a lot of information…at least that’s the idea. Many users have reported that live tiles in 7.8 are broken and not refreshing correctly.

The problem appears to be in the OS itself, and not the apps. Windows Phone has three ways for apps to update the live tile. According to a developer only 1 out of those 3 ways is working in 7.8. This is making many live tiles never update, and some are even flickering. Besides not getting notification info, the problem is also causing battery drain as apps constantly try to refresh the live tiles. Microsoft hasn’t commented on the issue yet, but we hope they do soon. This is a big problem. Live tiles are the core of the OS. This is like the notification shade in Android not working.

[via Neowin]

  • The battery symbol on the screens of those devices is backwards.

  • Weird

  • AS147

    I have a Nokia Lumia 800 running windows phone 7.8 and have no live tile issues and I have many of them.

  • JSYOUNG571

    HA! And here I was getting upset with AT&T for not updating my HTC Titan to 7.8, when they actually were doing me a favor by not updating it. It’s like I said from the beginning, Microsoft threw this together at the last minute. I am totally convinced when Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7.5 users would not get the update to 8, that they planned on just leaving us stuck at 7.5 Really sad how we have waited all these months and the update has done nothing but screwed up peoples phones. I realize now, the worst thing that has happened to Windows phone is Microsoft. I am quite sure Joe Fedewa will be livid with my comment, but it is the truth. Stop making excuses for Microsoft and stop giving them a pass when they are doing nothing more than screwing the customers over like they have done in the past.

  • If I was giving them a pass I wouldn’t write negative articles like this.

  • Luis Matoso

    haven’t had a single problem with my tiles so far, either in the 710 or 900 lumia

  • Ali Khadangi

    there’s many many more bugs such as disappearing power point when you flick it right,turning on WiFi when you just have turned off airplane mode,and … and some features aren’t now available like the music controller on the wallpaper (that was before) and also some necessary features like multiple choosing and auto rotation are missed unfortunately.