Don’t expect to see a Nokia phone with a QWERTY keyboard

Windows Phone hasn’t seen a lot of phones with hardware QWERTY keyboards since practically day one. The first generation of phones had a couple, such as the HTC Arrive, but since then we haven’t seen a single hardware keyboard. Once Nokia joined the team there was talk that they might bring keyboards back. Back in the day Nokia had quite a few great keyboard phones, such as the N900. Those keyboards have not come to Windows Phone yet, and it appears they won’t any time soon.

In a new interview a Nokia exec talked a little about keyboard and Lumia phones. He says that customers just aren’t demanding QWERTY keyboards anymore. We certainly agree with that assessment. He says that they are focused on touch-only models at this time. This is a smart move on Nokia’s part. Even thought they do make some of the best hardware keyboard phones the market just isn’t demanding that type of device anymore. Large companies, like Samsung, who have the resources to create many different types of devices aren’t even making keyboard phones anymore. The time has passed.

What about you? Do you miss hardware keyboards?

[via Pocketnow]

  • they were cool at the time

  • DaveN

    Loved my old XDA EXEC, big yes, but you could type on it all day.

  • Roelof

    I absolutely miss a Lumia with a qwerty Keyboard! From ’99 I got myself a Nokia communicator (9100, 9200i, 9500, E90 and right now a E7.
    So Nokia: give me the Lumia 1020 with a qwerty keyboard!!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Phones with QWERTY keyboards are just dying all over the place. Hell, even BlackBerry got rid of it for their flagship device. The Q10 is just there just in case, really.

  • sidqq

    Companies are making all the decisions for consumers. Their decisions generally favor their interests and not ours – for example, it’s cheaper to make phones without keyboards, and it paves way for other products like a blue-tooth keyboard thingy-ma-jiggy add-ons. They make something and force you to buy it. The fact is that keyboards are more practical than touch screens where typing and other copy-pasting tasks are required. I prefer a keyboard, you may not. We are not all the same.