Fring and Vonage VOIP apps coming to Windows Phone 8

Microsoft made it easier to do VOIP in Windows Phone 8, but not many apps have taken advantage of it. Microsoft’s own Skype app is one of the few to do VOIP, but others are on the way. Fring and Vonage have both said they will be coming to Windows Phone 8 in the future.

Fring and Vonage both have apps for Android and iOS. Fring tells that a Windows Phone 8 is on their roadmap, but they don’t have any specific release date in mind. Vonage responded to a customer asking about Windows Phone saying they are planning to have Windows Phone support in the near “future.”

We;re excited to see more VOIP apps in the Windows Phone Store. WP8 has hooks that allows VOIP apps to run in the background and wake up when calls come in. In this time of expensive calling plans VOIP apps can save users a lot of money. Hopefully these two apps arrive soon.

[via WindowsMobilePU]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I love using Vonage. I was getting free calls within the US for months!

  • brian brill

    you can get free calling in the USA & Canada with Google Voice with and they will give you a number if you are in the USA and you can forward it to your cell phone all for free.

    I was about to come on this post and say who uses Vonage,Fring and who owns a Windows phone? but than I noticed your comment and I do not want to be disrespectful so instead I thought let me point you to Google Voice.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    No disrespect at all. I use Google Voice as my main form of communication (calls/texts). See, the thing is, for calls, you STILL need another number, unless you are calling from a computer browser. Pretty much, you still need to use your minutes (unless you set up your GV number as one of your free ones or whatevs).

    But there are times when that doesn’t work. For example, I live in San Diego, which is close to the border. I go down to Mexico for the weekends once or twice a month, and I don’t get calls over there (well I can, but they would rape me with roaming fees). So what I do is use Vonage to call people via WiFi. I also use it a lot when I travel to other countries for work.

  • I loved using Viber/Vonage and Fring. But now I have Nokia Lumia 620 which runs Windows 8, and Windows 8 does not support any of the above apps (btw I live in Pakistan). Any hope as to when will we the windows 8 owners be able to download those apps?