A look at Windows Phone 8 lockscreen apps [Video]

One of our favorite features in Windows Phone 8 is the lockscreen apps. These are apps that can control what you see on the lockscreen. Developers have taken many different creative  approaches to the lockscreen. Things like weather info, wallpapers, battery info, movie posters, contact photos, and much more can be displayed on your lockscreen with the right apps. Here are some of our favorites.


This one is pretty simple, and it comes standard on all Windows Phone 8 devices. All it does is change your lockscreen wallpaper to match the Bing image of the day.


The Facebook app allows you to display your Facebook photos on the lockscreen. You can choose what album you would like to use, and you can also choose how to display it (large or collage).

Weather Flow

My personal favorite lockscreen app is Weather Flow. With this app you can display weather information on the lockscreen. There are several options for what image to use and how much weather info to display. It’s really great.

Paper Shuffle

If you can’t decide on just one lockscreen wallpaper Paper Shuffle is perfect for you. This app allows you to choose several images for the lockscreen, and then it will shuffle through them at your desired frequency.

Hello Friends

If the People Hub was able to control the lockscreen this app is what it would look like. Hello Friends puts your contact photos in user defined collages and display it on the lockscreen. You can set how often you want the photos to change, and even do cool photo effects.


With Baconit you can put the images from any subreddit on your lockscreen. Just choose what subreddit you want images to come from (a good one is WPLockscreens) and set the update frequency to keep things fresh.

NASA Image of the Day

This app is simple. Every day it displays a new NASA-related image on your lockscreen. If you open up the app you can get some information about the photo and save it for later.

These are our favorite lockscreen apps, what are yours? Check out the video to see all of these in action!

  • I like weather flow, but if you use your own image it becomes pixelated and blurry. the dev told me they would fix it in the next update but it hasn’t happened.