What happens when two Windows Phone nerds collide?

We’re all pretty big fans of Windows Phone here. Some of us have been using it since day one with devices like the HTC HD7, and others have just started with newer devices like the Lumia 920. As the third place mobile OS there is a lot of passion from users. We don’t have a cool nickname for die hard Windows Phone fans, but we¬†certainly¬†need one. With all this passion flying around there is bound to be some nerd fights.

On Twitter a couple days ago a Windows Phone nerd fight of monumental proportions went down. The participants? Ben “the PC Guy” Rudolph and Tom Warren from The Verge. It all started with Ben tweeting that he finally got his hands on a yellow Lumia 920. From their it snowballed into a “who has more Windows Phones laying around” fight. After many colorful photos were shared the winner was finally determined. Check out the whole series of tweets below for a good laugh.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well, doesn’t the PC guy have unlimited access to these phones? lol

  • I think up until the last pic he was just showing his personal collection.

  • robjackson81

    Hahahhaah this is pretty epic.

  • maybe warren can reopen winrumors and leave the widowsphone hating verge.