A look at how the Surface Pro stylus works [Video]

Unlike its RT predecessor, the Surface Pro comes equipped with a stylus. The touchscreen and stylus work with Wacom technology which is easily the best in the industry. It’s the same technology that Samsung uses for the Galaxy Note and S Pen. Microsoft has included the stylus in an attempt to make Surface Pro even more attractive to creative people on the go. So how well does the stylus work?

Pocketnow took a look at the handwriting recognition on Surface Pro. You can use it in place of the virtual keyboard, and in apps like OneNote. The recognition works pretty well, but we are especially impressed with how the virtual ink keeps up with the stylus tip. One problem with a lot of stylus + touchscreen systems is the delay between touching the screen and seeing the effect on the screen. It looks like on Surface Pro this isn’t a problem.

If you have a Surface Pro do you use the stylus a lot?

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