Bill Gates speaks bluntly about Microsoft’s mobile “mistakes” [Video]

Bill Gates has been making his annual rounds with the media. Last week it was a Reddit AMA, and today it is an appearance on CBS This Morning. Like usual, Gates primarily spoke about his foundation and their philanthropy work, which he is very passionate about. Bill is still a¬†chairman¬†for Microsoft, so he can’t escape the tech questions either. He was particularly honest and blunt when asked questions about Microsoft and Steve Ballmer. It was very refreshing to hear such answers from someone in tech.

Gates praised Ballmer for his work with Windows 8, Surface, Xbox, and Bing, but he says it isn’t enough. He says they don’t have enough “breakthrough” things. He said that they made mistakes with the mobile, but they weren’t beat to the punch. They were there, but with the wrong approach. It’s a really honest and frank interview. Watch it for yourself to get a glimpse at what Bill thinks.

[via The Verge]

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