Play To for Windows Phone 8 set to debut at MWC

Nokia has been beta testingĀ a DLNA app called Play To for a while now. The app last popped up back in December when Nokia said they would release it in Q1 2013. According to our calendar it is Q1 2013 now, but Play To is still no where to be seen. A member of the product team has come forward to say that Play To will be coming to Windows Phone 8 in the next two weeks. This lines up perfectly with Mobile World Congress.

We are working to make the release available. We are very close to release now – stay tuned (this will happen in 1-2 weeks).

This is a feature that Windows Phone fans have been wanting for a long time. The ability to stream music and videos wirelessly is something that every mobile OS can basically do. It’s something we need in Windows Phone, but not just Nokia devices. This is something that should be a standard feature. We will be tuned in to MWC to see this app debut.

[via WPCentral]

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