Microsoft highlights 7 new indie games for Windows Phone

Indie games sometimes have it hard here on Windows Phone. The Xbox title often get better treatment in the Windows Phone Store, and sites like us make a bigger deal about them. There are many great indie games out there that don’t get the attention they deserve. Microsoft has posted on the Windows Phone BlogĀ aboutĀ seven of the best new indie games available. Let’s take a look at them.

King Oddball, $2.49/Free

Oddball is a very unique game. You play as a floating moon with a long tongue. You use the tongue to hurl boulders at attackers and destroy the planet.

Robotek, Free

Robotek is colorful and vivid game with great music. You play as a group of robots, and the goal is to defeat other robots with a bevy of weapons. Defeat all the robots to take over the world.

Get the Parachute, Free

Get the Parachute is not for those scared of heights. You play as a cat who is plummeting to the Earth without a parachute. It is your goal to reach your chute before hitting the ground.

Great Big War Game, $2.99/Free

Great Big War Game is trying to mock strategy games while also being one of the best. It has cartoony graphics and awesome weapons to make it a great turn-based strategy game.

Egg Man Rally, $.99

If Humpty Dumpty was into motocross this is the game he would play. Egg Man Rally is about driving as fast as you can over obstacles to complete the level quickly, but without breaking the egg driver.

Plane Storm, Free

Plane Storm is a flying game with a unique enemy. The goal is to fly away from black storm clouds as they try to catch you. There are other enemies like cows and houses as well.

Sparkle, $2.99/Free

Sparkle is a very popular game with a rabid following. Different colored marbles are advancing towards you. It is your job to shoot marbes of the same color to make the marbles disappear before they reach your position.

Check out these games today!P

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