Nokia does the Harlem Shake [Video]

Well, it was only a matter of time before Harlem Shake infiltrated the Windows Phone world. Nokia Music UK has created their own Harlem Shake video and posted it on YouTube for the world to see. It has all the required ingredients: guy in a motorcycle helmet, storm trooper, hula hoops, elf, and crazy dancing (that last one is probably the most important).

If you’re unfamiliar with Harlem Shake (holy cow are you lucky) it is the latest internet meme. Basically people create 30 second videos in the format seen above. First someone dances around in a calm environment, then as the music revs up it jumps to a scene of a group of people dancing around like crazy. There have been hundreds of videos made in this format, and for some reason it keeps going on and on. The one good thing it did was kill Gangnam Style.

“Harlem Shake” is now a tag on this site. So thanks for that, Nokia.

  • camelsnot

    why nokia why? The first 3 harlem shake vids weren’t funny. Why did you think yours was any better? Unless Elop gets pushed out of the window at the end, this is not funny.