Nokia Music+ Now available in the US

With as little fanfare as a Twitter announcement with instructions on how to upgrade, Nokia has given Nokia owners in the U.S. Nokia Music+. For those who need a refresh, Nokia Music is an exclusive and free mix-radio streaming service for Nokia Lumia users. Music+ offers higher-quality audio, unlimited skips and offline downloads of mixes, laptop and desktop access through a web service, and lyrics for individual tracks.


Music+ is available for $3.99 per month with these features. To upgrade, open Nokia Music on your phone, go to the main menu and select Settings, and tap Upgrade to check out Nokia’s dig on the features of Music+. There is a 7 day free trial if you’re one of those folks still in the market for a primary music service and want to see if Music+ is the right one for you.

My 10-minute first impressions aren’t bad, but I can probably tell you now that it wouldn’t have my money over Spotify. More on that in an upcoming review. For now, feel free to try it yourself and speak your own mind.

[via Twitter]

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