How to turn mobile sites into pinnable apps [Video]

Pinning websites to the start screen in Windows Phone is nice, but it could be a lot better. When you pin a website it uses a screenshot as the tile image instead of a nice logo from the site. At a glance, this can make it hard to tell what website is pinned. On other platforms when you put bookmarks on the homescreen they display a nice favicon that makes it look like another app. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that functionality in Windows Phone?

With an app called WebApps you can. The app has a collection of HTML 5 web apps that you can pin to the start screen with attractive tile images. When you open them they are displayed in a special window instead of Internet Explorer. This turns the web apps into full blown apps. They run separately and don’t interfere with your IE tabs. Right now there is a nice list of available web apps, and we hope the list continues to grow. Check out the video to see it in action, and download it for free below for WP8 devices.