Weather Flow fixes HD lockscreen images in latest update

Weather Flow is one of our all time favorite apps, and with Windows Phone 8 it got even better. The best thing it can do is display weather information on your lockscreen in a variety of different looks. The only downside to this has been it lowers the resolution of the images that it overlays information over. Thankfully the devs have solved this issue in the latest update.

As you can see above my lockscreen wallpaper and the Weather Flow information looks a lot clearer after the update. You can especially notice it in the color of my lockscreen wallpaper. The update also improves the resolution of the live tiles, but the change was indistinguishable to my eyes. They also added a new lockscreen option for shuffling multiple images for the wallpaper. Start-up time and live tile updating were also improved.

If you haven’t bought Weather Flow yet this is another reason why you should. It is not only one of the best weather apps, but one of the best Windows Phone apps. It’s available for $1.99 and a free three day trial.