Nokia updates location apps with HERE branding, makes more available for all WP8 devices

HERE is here to stay.

Back in November Nokia announced that they would be rebranding all their mapping and location apps to HERE. Today that has finally taken shape, as you may have noticed in your app updates. Nokia Drive is now HERE Drive, Nokia City Lens is now HERE City Lens, etc. I think you get the point.

Along with the name change comes a slew of new HERE features. Most notably is the HERE cloud. Users can sign in and sync things like favorite locations across HERE apps. Favorite a location in Drive and you will see it in Maps. It’s a great way to make the apps work together. Another big announcement is that Maps, Transit, and Drive are now available for all Windows Phone 8 devices.

Check the Store for these updates, and grab the apps below that previously were only for Lumia phones.


HERE Transit

HERE Drive+ Beta

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