The Nokia Wireless Car Charger is the future [Video]

Folks, we are living in the future. The Nokia Wireless Car Charger is proof of that. On the outside it looks like you’re standard car dock, but under that Nokia logo there is a lot going on. This accessory can charge your phone and automatically start up navigation just by setting it in the dock.

The Nokia Wireless Car Charger has NFC and wireless charging built in. This means all you have to do is hook the dock up to your AC outlet in your car and you’re ready to go. The NFC can be set up to automatically launch Nokia Drive. Just get in your car, plop your phone in the dock, and you’re charging and ready to navigate. Simple as that. This is the dream many people have wanted. It will be available in May for around $90

Who’s getting one?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I actually fell in love with this dock. Such a simple idea no one had jumped on before.