Official Tumblr app coming to Windows Phone 8 soon


Earlier today Nokia sent out a press release announcing some new partnerships with app developers. The most notable is the popular blogging platform Tumblr. Thanks to Nokia, an official Tumblr app will be coming to all Windows Phone 8 devices soon.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tumblr it is like Twitter, but instead of 140 characters you can basically do whatever you want. You can view Tumblr sites like any other website, or you can be a member and “follow” sites to see updates on a dashboard. Users can like and “reblog” posts to their own blog. The Tumblr app for WP8 will allow posting text, images, video, audio, links, quotes, and chats. It will feature voice commands and the live tile will display recent dashboard updates.

No official launch date was given, but they did say “soon” several times. We would expect to see this app in the next couple of weeks. Do we have any Tumblr users out there?

[via Nokia]

  • Well official apps are always welcomed. In this case I wonder what the official tumblr app can offer that Blueprint doesn’t already do. Unless they do something like a wide live tile or something I’ll probably stick with blueprint.

  • Great! Since Posterous is shutting down, I finally migrated to Tumblr. Can’t wait for the official Windows Phone app to hit the market!

  • Agreed!