HTC committed to Windows Phones, but won’t use One components in next model


HTC is in a tight spot right now. In the Android world they are being steam rolled by Samsung. So they put some more effort into Windows Phone, but now Nokia is beating them up. No matter what platform HTC chooses they just can’t win. It’s not because theyhave poor products. The last batch of HTC Windows Phone and Android handsets have been some of their best work, but it’s just not cutting it.

HTC is not giving up on either platform.¬†HTC VP of global planning spoke a little bit about their Windows Phone strategy to CNET. He says they are fully committed to the platform, and they have a good collaboration with Microsoft for a future release this year. He goes on to say that Windows Phone 8 is not doing as well in the market as they expected, but they plan to give it time and continue working. For that future device we can already rule out a few features. He says that right now they won’t be doing anything with big screens like the Titan, and they won’t be using the “ultrapixel” camera from the HTC One.

How many of you have HTC phones?

[via WindowsMobilePU]

  • Jim

    I have an HTC Titan and will switch to the Lumia920 in the next week. Nokia is the best choice at the moment within the WP OS system

  • And…. because they wont use the ultrapixel camera and because the wont use the large display (*although thats more WP8 limitation) and because they wont use their BEST hardware…. they will continue to lose the race.