Nokia releases NFC Writer app for Lumia devices [Video]

nokia nfc

It was just a week ago that we published a video to show off what you can do with NFC on Windows Phone 8. At that time there were a couple NFC apps in the Windows Phone Store, but now there is one more from a pretty big contributor. Nokia has released their own NFC Writer app for Lumia devices. It does many of the same things we went over last week, but with some extras as well.

NFC Writer does all the basics you would expect. It helps you compose NFC tags in a variety of use cases. You can create Foursquare check-ins, like Facebook pages, go to WiFi settings, launch apps, make phone calls, etc. There are many different commands to choose from. You can even save favorites so you don’t have to keep putting in the same information. The app is free for Lumia owners only. Check out the video below to get a quick look at what it can do.

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