Windows Phone: Coming to a movie theater near you

Everyone likes to get to the movie theater early to see the new trailers, but what abut the commercials? Probably not so much. Usually the pre-trailer advertisements are a mix between old and hokey local commercials. Sometime soon those commercials will be replaced with Ben Rudolph’s shiny head and the Windows Phone Challenge.

Microsoft has announced that from now until March 28th the Windows Phone Challenge ads will be showing at Lowes, Regal, AMC, and Cinemark theaters nationwide. The ad will be showcasing the Lumia 920 against the Samsung Galaxy III, a phone that many in the audience will likely have. The ad can be seen above (SPOILERS). Now movie goers will get a look at what phone is best…before they turn off their phones. Let us know if you see the ad at your theater!

[via Windows Phone Blog]

  • Gecko

    Funny thing about this is I decided to look up Mexican restaurants on my gs3 at same time he said go, I found highly rated before he did AND had navigation’s to it with written reviews. He just stopped people that aren’t use to the phone.

  • Yeah, of course these things are slanted, just like the Bing challenge. But at least they’re finally showing useful features of the phones in their ads – it’s about time.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Wow. They are really beating down on Samsung. lol. It is so hard to win these contests. I participated in the Windows Phone challenge last year. Ended up walking out with a new phone, though! lol