Maluuba for Windows Phone is Siri without the sass [Video]

Yesterday a new app arrived in the Windows Phone Store with the interesting name of “Maluuba.” It’s another voice controlled personal assistant app that tries to rival Siri. Maluuba differs from other apps that try to replicate Siri by being its own app. When using Maluuba you don’t get the idea that they are “copying” anything from Apple’s implementation.


Maluuba is a lot more than an oddly named personal assistant.┬áIt can do things like make calls, check the weather, find places to eat, play songs, set reminders, and much more. The thing I like about it is the colors. Every “category” of functions has it’s own color. For example, if you ask something pertaining to movies you will see the blue theme around the results. This makes for a simple way to navigate. Maluuba won’t talk back to you like Siri, but it will still help you through the day with ease. Check out the video to see it in action, and download it below for free.

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  • eshwarnag

    Its a great app!

  • Reza

    it is not available for windows phone 7.8 !!!