Photosynth for Windows Phone 8 is available now


Well, it took long enough, but Photosynth is finally available for Windows Phone 8 devices. After months and months of wait and delay Microsoft’s own app is finally here. It turns out that the delay was caused by Joe Belfiore asking them to re-do the app to make it a great lens experience. But enough about the delay, now that it’s here what does it do?

If you’re unfamiliar with Photosynth it is an immersive panorama app. You can create 360 degree views of your environment and share them online. All it takes is firing up the app and moving it around. Photosynth will guide you through the process and stitch the images together.


Here are the new features for Windows Phone 8:

  • Camera lens integration – Quickly capture and view panoramas by launching Photosynth directly from the built-in camera app
  • View shared panoramas – View panoramas shared with you via email, Facebook, or Twitter directly on your mobile device
  • More camera controls – Adjust for various lighting conditions by using new exposure and white balance locking options
  • General improvements – Enjoy an even more delightful app experience with various bug and stability fixes

The app is free and should be showing up in the Store very soon if it’s not already. We waited for this app for a long time, and Belfiore seems to think the wait was worth it. But enough from us…go forth and download! (The link below should start working in the next couple hours)

download WP

[via MSDN]

  • Protip: don’t immediately try to take a full spherical ‘Synth of your tiny bedroom, apartment, etc. It will go worse than expected. A standard panorama or even a full 360* shot will work just fine, however.

  • On another subject, today is just one of those good days for Windows Phone, amirite?

  • Breakingillusions

    great they released it to all stores :)