Rdio gets updated with an improved UI and streaming

Rdio Screenshots

There are quite a few music streaming services to choose from these days, and if Rdio is your cup of tea you will be happy to hear it has received a nice update. Version 1.16 adds improved streaming and playbakck, plus some UI tweaks. This goes along with the lockscreen support and tile sizes in the last update, making Rdio a very nice Windows Phone 8 app.

The UI changes are subtle, but effective. Instead of the black theme of old the app is now predominantly white like the website. They also added top charts and new releases to the navigation. It’s a nice update to an already nice app. What music streaming service do you use? Spotify? Xbox Music? Nokia Music? Rdio? Let us know below! Rdio can be had below for free.

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  • I tried Rdio very briefly until I decided it wouldn’t be my primary music service because there was no publicly-announced bitrate or encoding format. I do get that security from Spotify (namely 160kbps Ogg Vorbis, competitive with 320k MP3, plus 320k Ogg for home media setups), so they have my money.