Nokia Lumia 928 shows up in Verizon internal system


A flagship Nokia Lumia phone for Verizon has been a unicorn for many Windows Phone users. An unattainable mythical beast. In the the last few months we’ve been hearing more about this mythical beast becoming a reality. A screenshot from Verizon’s system shows a device named the Lumia 928. What’s this?


The phone was put into the system around mid-January. As the name suggests, this would be a variant of the Lumia 920. Earlier this year we heard about a phone for Verizon codenamed “Laser.” The 928 could indeed be that phone. The 928 would join the HTC 8X, Lumia 822, and Samsung ATIV Odyssey on Verizon. Don’t look now, but Verizon actually has more Windows Phone 8 devices than AT&T.

[PhoneArena via Neowin]

  • Congrats to all the Verizon users who were griping about AT&T exclusivity. :P

  • James

    This is good news for Verizon customers but won’t there be a new Nokia phone by summer time

  • Edgar Cervantes

    This is all pretty cool, but I will still complain when Verizon releases this phone for $100 more than the other carriers (out of contract).