Skype People Hub integration is still being worked on by Microsoft


Back in January Skype for Windows Phone received an update that actually removed more features than it added. The update removed People Hub integration, which was causing instability in devices. We’re still waiting for Microsoft to fix this issue, and Joe Belfiore says it is on the way.

Unfortunately Belfiore can’t say when the update is coming. So actually, he said nothing. All this “blank is coming” talk going on in the Windows Phone world means nothing. Photosynth was “coming soon” for weeks and weeks. The worst thing about it is that Skype and Photosynth are both Microsoft owned applications. If Microsoft themselves can’t work quickly and deliver timely updates why should they expect the same from 3rd party developers? We need timely updates, and sooner rather than later.

[via WPCentral]

  • lawrence mcatee

    alright…. I’m an idiot I guess but I have an asus vivotab which is my one and only windows 8 device… I love it and already have skype installed but why is there no facebook or twitter? This seems crazy to me.