Disqus releases Windows Phone app before Android and iOS

Disqus Official

Well this is a first. Windows Phone is getting an official app before Android and iOS. The app is Disqus, the very popular blog commenting platform (which we use here).

Many, many websites across the internet use Disqus. It allows users to sign in with a variety of social accounts and build up stats. The app allows users to participate in conversations on websites that utilize Disqus (like our own).

Some of the key features include notifications for replies, the ability to follow people and get updates from them, star and vote on comments, and live tiles to show recent information. The app is optimized for Windows Phone 8 and previous versions, plus it has wide live tile and lockscreen notifications.

Disqus is free for all versions of Windows Phone. You can find it below. If you frequently comment on websites you will want this app.

download WP[via WPCentral


  • idlelimey

    This is the pint of lager after a great day of news for Windows Phone. More stories like this please! :)

  • Adam

    I agree!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Nice one! haha. Maybe it’s the beginning of a much brighter future!

  • Brandon Sobotta

    Love this app.

  • Odoyo

    Interesting how the rolled it out.