Instagram for Windows Phone 8 could be coming soon, but not for everyone


Instagram for Windows Phone 8. The elusive app that many, many people have been waiting for could be closer than ever. A Chinese Windows Phone site has heard from an unnamed informant that Instagram for Windows Phone already exists. They say it is now in the testing phase, and it even includes one new filter.

The second part of the news may or may not be good news, depending on what phone you have. They say that Instagram will be coming soon to Windows Phone 8 (not 7.8), but only for Nokia Lumia devices. They don’t say how long the exclusivity period will be, or if it will work with the lens feature. This is an app that Windows Phone desperately needs, but not on only some devices. Still, this would be a good start.

[via WPDang]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Some of these devices have pretty awesome cameras, so it would be nice to see more images coming from the Windows Phone crew! I will be waiting for you guys!

  • I just hope Instagram for Windows Phone does not look like in the above picture.