Nokia creates #2InstaWithLove to woo Instagram to Windows Phone


Windows Phone users want Instagram. Badly. Nokia knows this more than most since they have probably the largest following of Windows Phone fans. This morning we heard that Nokia would be getting Instagram exclusively for Lumia devices, but apparently they didn’t get the memo.

Nokia has just released an app called #2instawithlove. The app’s main goal is to show Instagram how much users want a Windows Phone app. The app allows you to take a photo and add a polaroid filter to it. The app then automatically adds the #2InstaWithLove tag and allows you to share it to social networks. Nokia hopes that this will show Instagram that there is a demand for a Windows Phone app. It also shows us that Nokia is not working with Instagram already. Bummer.

Download for Nokia Lumia phones.

[via WPCentral]

  • Hopefully this grabs their attention. Seems weird for a company like Facebook/Instagram to ignore a growing base of users/fans like WP8.

  • I’m surprised Instagram isn’t available on WP8 yet, honestly. Facebook has always had a tight reputation with Microsoft. I figured once Instagram was acquired, that would be one of the first moves made.

  • this is butts. How does BB10 have an instagram app but WP doesnt?

  • They really only have it because they can run Android apps in a shitty simulator.

  • I thought I saw a screen shot of the new BB with an instagram app? either way there is no reason WP shouldnt have one. It would be interesting to me if I knew the politics or what was actually stopping this app from appearing on the WP OS.