Nokia Lumia 920 update includes ability to change display colors

Nokia Color Profile 2

A new update for Nokia Lumia 920s is adding an interesting feature. Along with the ability to control SuperSensitive Touch and sunlight readability they have also added “color profile” to the options. This allows users to actually adjust how colors look on the display, something we haven’t seen in any smartphone.

The setting has a couple slider options. You can adjust the saturation from natural to vivid, and the temperature from cool to warm. This feature is not yet unlocked for users, though the setting page is built in. It will probably take a firmware update to make this possible. After that it will be possible to adjust the display to your hearts content. Red not looking red enough? To the settings! We can’t wait to use this feature.

[via WPCentral]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Not the first. Xperia Z and ZL can do it :). Regardless, being able to calibrate your screen is one badass feature! I am hoping more devices get this soon.

  • You win this round!

  • tevo

    Whenis this update out