Microsoft aiming to lower licensing costs to get Windows on more form factors


Before Windows 8 launched there were reports that Microsoft would try to hit lower price points with new devices. As devices started to launch it was clear that they did not reach that goal. Even Windows RT devices were not priced very competitively. A new report from WSJ says that Microsoft will be cutting the licencing price for OEM partners in an attempt to push new form factors. They are hoping this will spur the development of smaller touch-enabled laptops and tablets.

This falls in line with the rumors of Windows “Blue” that we’ve been hearing about. Blue is designed to work better on 7-inch devices, and to be a low-cost version of Windows. It will be an update to Windows 8, not a completely new version. This is a good, and necessary move for Microsoft. When it comes to smaller tablets Android is completely free for OEMs to use. In order to get Windows on those type of devices there needs to be more incentive to use it. Hopefully this time the price cut actually happens.

[via The Verge]

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